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I've been serving my customers proudly since 2012. During this time I handled many complex issues and claims. I acted as a first responder to many of my clients during the Christmas tornado of 2015. During this time, I assisted in making sure clients were able to file claims and that they had a roof over their head. I also was apart of a disaster relief team to Hurricane Harvey, though most of my clients are centered around the DFW metroplex we offer coverage in the entire State of Texas. My job is to not only act as your insurance advisor and find gaps in your coverage other agents may not have but to also be around when disaster strikes. 


I come from a long line of insurance professionals. My great grandfather  began working for Great American Insurance in 1945 and became president for them in 1965. Between 1972-1988 he owned and operated Wallace & Mann Insurance in East Texas (Canton, TX). I was raised by a single mother who made sure I never wanted/needed for anything. Pictured to the right is my beautiful fiancee (Paulina). We also have a precious Pitbull  (Storm) and Texas Heeler (River). Paulina knows insurance all to well as she's been in the industry for 7 years. She is currently a sales coach with Liberty Mutual. I have family all over the great state, my mom (Jana) lives in The Colony, I have multiple sets of grandparents and great grandparents that live in Canton, Mesquite, Plano, Houston, and further. Family is a huge part of me, I treat all my customers as another family member. Bradley and Paulina recently got engaged 12/3/18. They're expecting the big day in 2020. 

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