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I was born and raised in the small town of Ennis, just about 40 minutes south of Dallas. I’m a big supporter of all Dallas sports teams, including the Cowboys, Rangers, Stars, and Mavericks! I graduated from Texas State University back in 2012 with a Construction Engineering degree but quickly realized that insurance was my niche. I love not only being able to help customers find more value in their insurance but also being there when disaster strikes. Insurance is a funny business these days with a lot of customers feeling disappointed by their agent in certain situations. I aim for that to never be the case for my customers and I do so by treating your policies as if they were mine. I’m a straight forward person that will let you know if you’re getting a better deal with another carrier but will also point out if there are flaws in your coverage. In short, give me a chance and I won’t let you down!


Forney is currently where me, my wonderful wife Katelynn and our dog Remi call home. Forney is an up and coming town just south east of Dallas and we plan to build a house there in 2018. As stated above, we are huge sports fans and are always out at games. We also are huge Texas Country Music fans so we frequent venues all over Texas. My parents Kimberly and Lawrence Mireles both work and live in the Dallas area as well. I also have two brothers, Aaron and Colton, who share my passion for sports. Family is a huge part of our lives and we make every effort to be together when possible. I take that same approach to my insurance business by taking the time  to make my customers feel like family.

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