Commercial Tow Truck Insurance

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A tow truck business earns income by towing disabled vehicles. If that's what you do, you should carry customized tow truck insurance. 

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Who Needs Tow Truck Insurance?

Who needs two truck insurance

  • Roadside service providers
  • Auto club contractors
  • Rotational towing
  • Auto body shops
  • Auto mechanical repair
  • Full service stations
  • Auto salvage and auction haulers

Towing and storage protection

towing and storage protection

  • Garage Keepers Legal Liability Insurance - Protects your customers' vehicles when they're parked on your property.
  • On-Hook Towing Insurance - Protects your customers' vehicles while you're towing them.
  • Tow General Liability insurance – Pays if you’re legally liable for bodily injury, property damage or personal injury that isn’t directly related to your covered vehicles.